Wednesday, January 28, 2015


"no milk today" front, collage vintage photos on antique post card, 5.5 x 3.5 inches.

Since collecting postcards and photographs I have often thought about using the original pieces in my work, but at the last minute could not bear to part with them. This year I want to unclutter my studio and make use of collected items that would only sit in my files forever otherwise. De-accumulation.


This collection of 15 postcards were mostly addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Glover of 96 Radford, Coventry, England, and postmarked in the early 1900s. Some are over 100 yrs. old. After reading the messages I concluded that Mr. Glover was a milkman, the couple had two sons, one named Will, and two grandchildren: Annie and Jack. They liked to take seaside vacations and had once traveled to France. When I looked on google maps for the address, I could only locate an army barracks in place of the house.

After I scanned this image, I erased the address and added a new stamp and mailed them out. One is going to Bisbee for a show in February.