Friday, May 31, 2013


"i had a telescope case in my pocket" 3 x 3 inches, acrylic on photopaper.

George Bates Yuma Prisoner 1889

The Wellington Saloon was opened in 1902 by the McCoy family of Prescott, AZ. Just a few mornings after it opened, George Bates, a young man, made a grab at the faro table and ran out with $95. He was over taken by officers in Skull valley, 12 miles west of Prescott, and was brought back and held under a $500 bond. He was convicted of grand larceny, guilty of stealing $120 from the Wellington. He was brought to Yuma by sheriff John L. Munds, and deputy sheriff T. A. Miller, to be imprisoned at Yuma Territorial Prison for 18 months.

See all of the Prison Hill series on flickr.

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