Monday, March 25, 2013


Painting derived from original photograph by Patricia Sahertian.

The Westward Ho (featured above) was originally going to be called the Roosevelt Hotel. Jim McPherson of the Arizona Preservation Foundation said "In recent years the Westward Ho has hosted the Evans Churchill Neighborhood's Interesting Interiors Tour and discussions have been held on possible new uses for the empty spaces on the building's main level. Arizona Preservation Foundation has provided background information and community support for those efforts."

It is exciting for me to be working with the APF on these paintings.

The Westward Ho was completed in 1928 and closed as a hotel in 1980. It made a grand intro appearance in the remake of Psycho by Gus Van Sant.
John F. Kennedy stayed in one of the Patio Suites while he was recovering from WWII. Later on it is said he romanced Marilyn Monroe in his secluded suite, room 218. The Westward Ho was one of his favorite locations in Phoenix and once delivered a campaign speech from the steps of the east entrance.
Source: The Secrets of the Westward Ho and its Spirits
Now who do you think will be in my complementary painting?

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