Tuesday, February 5, 2013


pinch pot using soldate clay body, with "patina" glaze

One of the things I love to make in any clay studio is a pinch pot. If I am waiting for something to happen, or I have extra time, or just a ball of extra clay, all of a sudden I am making a pinch pot. In this piece I love how this glaze reacted on the clay body. The complete interior stayed a nice charcoal gray, while the outer surface contains a variety of greens and blues to form a very nice patina indeed.

pinch pot using b-mix, shaped into a face

I know I told you about the wonderful collection of dolls that I bought and how the plan is to make molds of some of them, to do what yet, I am not quite sure. But last Tuesday instead of making a usual pinch pot, it gradually turned into a doll head. I think low fired under glazes will work well on this piece.

Today, I also started a mold and will fill you in on all the details next week when I check in at the studio again.

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