Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Here is the second half of my two part mold making. The baby figure did stay put, that was good. But the plaster that I cast the first go round was not smooth and especially in the leg area it makes some nasty streaks that don't look nice. Also because I did not let the first half air out and dry, I think when I poured the second part, even though I used prell as a resist, the mold stuck together a little and had to be pried apart and you can see where one of the registration holes broke off and stayed in the first half.

In this pressing I did last week all the cracks and lines are visible. I guess if I wanted the effect of aged encrusted figures it would work, but I did not.

This week I pressed some sprig molds using clay for the form of some more baby figures, let's see how that works. More to come.

Note: If you are using painted figures to press into the clay be careful. Some of the paint stuck to the clay and came off the face. Now I am sad.

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