Thursday, January 17, 2013


"c/o alexander pearson" collage on paper, 5 7/8 x 4 1/8 inches.

More transfers, this time on paper. Am I obsessed with transfers? Maybe this week I am.

Here was another test of my patience, but this time it was waiting for the UPS delivery of decoart americana matte spray sealer that I ordered online. It took nine days to get here.

The technique was found on YouTube (see below) and it was easy. You take a laser print and coat it with the spray sealer, place it face down on your paper, burnish and done. I used a bird graphic for this collage and I am pretty happy with the results of the transfer. Next time I may darken the black before I print it out.

Note: since the spray does seal, it was hard to stencil over the sealed area, next time I will add my stencil first.

Don't forget, especially if you are using text, to make sure you flop your image before you print out your paper so that when your make your transfer it is right-reading.

It also works on bisque ware, but no firing afterwards. I will try that too.


  1. You can do the same thing with any acrylic gel medium, just so it's gloss. Coat the surface you want to transfer onto, lay the image face down, burnish it, wait until it's dry-ish. Wet the back of the paper and rub the paper off, leaving the ink transfer.

    1. Yes, I have done that method several times, especially with acrylic paintings, but always hesitant to do it on a paper collage for fear of getting the collage too wet.