Monday, January 7, 2013


While searching for some doll house people on ebay I came across this wonderful collection of doll parts and had to buy them. There were 45 pieces in all, including one large stuffed doll without a head and one medium German doll (see previous post) which were the odd pieces in the collection. The rest consisted of mostly porcelain parts from small figurines. There were just maybe three pieces that I did not like at all, one of them being a salt shaker, but the rest I consider a treasure. I took my camera to them so you could see their beauty too, and I plan on taking a ceramic workshop where I will construct molds and make multiples of my favorite pieces and then create other works from them. Here are the 36 little muses that I love.

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  1. Now I see what you're up to with the ceramics class. As you can see, I'm finally trying to catch up on reading blog posts. My RSS feed has 352 posts right now. You're my first on the list.