Saturday, January 26, 2013


"this jolly young mermaid plunged into the waves" 3 x 3 inches, acrylic on photopaper.

Swimming Apparel on Southern Beaches Is Not Likely to Prove a Bit Cumbersome to Lassies Who Love Active Water Sports

I wonder sometimes if we moderns realize how short a time ago it was when a woman who could swim was a rare fish. It is no longer ago than when some of the older mothers and the younger grandmothers were girls. And now, visit any beach anywhere and see the jolly young mermaids plunging into the waves and racing their brother - and boy-friends to the raft! It is quite a rare thing, indeed, nowadays to discover a woman who cannot swim.

[Here we are] showing two of the new suits which, were snapped at St. Petersburg, Fla. [The suit worn by Naomi E. Stapleton] as she reclines on the hot sand is made of crinkly rainbow crepe, just a little simple one-piece with the crinkly material and the colors of the fabric the only decoration. [The other a] V-neck with no belt is truly a comfortable and classy suit.

source: Middletown Times Herald January 26, 1938
Afterwards, "this jolly young mermaid plunged into the waves," hit a rock and broke her arm.

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