Wednesday, November 21, 2012


"sticks and stones" 3 x 3 inches, acrylic on photopaper.

Not being sure what I would work on, I started to look for stories of broken arms. I found an account of a riot in Glasgow dated April 25, 1821. It was in anger against the celebration of the birthday of King George the Fourth. After all the merriment and into the dark of night a mob, with extreme violence and force, broke into a riot:

The crowd, persisting in their attack, were ultimately driven back; but they renewed the conflict with sticks and stones, and severely wounded some of the soldiers. The patient forbearance of the Dragoons deserves the greatest praise, every man of this small party was cut and bruised; a serjeant and a private were unhorsed. The Lord Provost and the Head Gaoler were cut on the head. Several gentlemen, near them, were also wounded, more or less. One of the 41st was knocked out of the ranks. After some delay the Dragoons reinforced, advanced, and the crowd made off in various directions. During one of the evolutions of the Dragoons several hundred men, women, and children tumbled over each other. The confusion and cries of terror, as well as the loud lamentations for the loss of hats and shoes were striking. They who endeavored to get away by the wooden bridge soon blocked up the passage, and the first arch, 25 feet in width, broke down with the pressure. It was a terrific crash; the cries which arose from the sufferers were most piercing, and were re-echoed by others, little less fearful, from the spectators. A mingled mass of men, women, and boys were precipitated into the bed of the river. The water was not at the deepest more than 10 inches; but much injury was sustained from the fall and pressure. The police officers assisted the bystanders in carrying out the wounded, but the soldiers were by this time too much irritated to offer any aid. The unfortunate persons were conducted to the Town's Hospital, the Gaol and the Infirmary. Five of the sufferers were carried into the Gaol, four of them had broken legs, and one had a broken arm.
source: the Courier, London, Middlesex

It was good to get to work again after such a long time away.

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