Monday, October 22, 2012


Took some photos at the AZ State Fair so that I could do some experimenting with wax and crayons on original images.

Some failures: transferring image onto wax coated board did not work. Same goes for trying an acetone transfer, it was very blotchy. And a heat transfer only took in some spots.

Here I just printed the image from my laser printer and waxed it on a board, then crayoned over, melted some, crayoned more, blew it dry... just testing. Not sure if I like the effect yet, it needs more work. The leggings and her arm are the best areas and look the most painterly.

Will try again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


"Ena" 5 x 7 inches, acrylic on canvas.

There are three Rosena McLarnon's in my family. My grandmother, (who was born a McKee), her daughter (my father's sister), and then my sister.

This is my aunt, whom we all called Ena. She was the first in my father's immediate family to be born in the USA. She never married or had children, and treated all of her nieces and nephews with such generosity. I thought she must be so rich, because she would have our presents wrapped at the Macy's gift wrap counter. She took me to the World's Fair once, just me and her, and it was very special.

She died in 2001, even before my dad and her oldest sister.