Monday, August 27, 2012


"bad boy" 4.75 x 2.5 inches, collage on paint chip card.

When I was little my grandparents lived in Greece and my grandfather would write me letters. They came in airmail envelopes on onion skin paper, so light, so as not to cost too much in postage. Intrigued by getting this wonderful foreign mail, I wanted more letters, and I signed up with an international pen pal group. Not satisfied by having one pal, I signed up for more. At one point I had a dozen pen pals from all over the world. I used to send drawings of my clothes, and favorite cartoon characters. It was all so much fun.

Now I have a few friends that I regularly exchange snail mail with, it's mostly collage. Sometimes it is just going around the block, but I put it in the mail all the same. There is something so wonderful in getting a piece of mail that is made just for you. Today I got something from Shari, so this one is for her.

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  1. I'd be happy to send you one of my collage postcards for a trade. Silly me made them two sided so you can't write on either side so I put them in a clear envelope. I guess it's a two for one that way anyway.
    Email me your addy and I'll send one off.