Saturday, July 28, 2012


Escape Artist web addendum page starts with Norris H. Pyron

I have decided that I want to make my work accessible on several platforms. So I am creating what I call "web addendums". The first one will highlight the painting series PRISONERS

When I started researching these prison photos and was looking for a story I was drawn to the image of Roy Gardner. I looked in and found he was a notorious train robber from the early 1900s and a tricky escape artist. I started reading and downloading more articles. There was a connection between him and some of the other photos that I had seen. Hmmmm, a very interesting thread was forming.

Little did I know that if I had only googled him in the first place that I would have come up with a lot of information, all condensed, without having to have spent hours reading old papers. Oh, I am not complaining, mind you, I really love doing all that research. Also, it gave me a chance to see how the American press was covering other stories, like Irish Independence in the 1920s.

Because some of the info I found was worth repeating, I am presenting the Escape Artist web addendum, using a parallax scrolling web function, through a montage of film stills, book pages and their actual portraits painted by myself. It is about the connection between a counterfeiter, a train robber and two rapists: Norris H. Pyron, Roy Gardner, Lawardius Borgart and Evert Impyn, respectively, McNeil Island prisoners numbered 3800, 3806, 3824 and 3825.

Now available new 8" X 8" magazine of PRISONERS on issuu and MagCloud. Free digital downloads!

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