Saturday, May 19, 2012


Here's where the letter gets a little strange as I am not privy to what came before, so one can only speculate that there were some issues with Earl's "job" in the army...
Earl you scare me where you get into it as you did last week. I am afraid they will take advantage of you some time when you can't help yourself. You bet I would never budge to go down in the cellar or even outside to settle something. I think they had better give them a job so they wouldn't have so much time to get into mischief. I suppose about next they will try it on you. If they do I would go to the boss and show it to him. I would not fight them or say much to them about it unless you just have too. Don't tell them that you went to your boss last week.
There are no people mentioned in this section, and in the few subsequent letters there are no other clues to what went on.

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