Saturday, April 21, 2012


I did only one drawing while I was in New York, but I left it at my mom's. It was a sketch of her dining room chair. My great-niece Hailey likes to draw, so we spent the morning sketching together. It always amazes me how people can just pull images from their minds. I cannot do that. Hailey was able to draw a cat sitting on a rug in her living room, just from memory. Jake can do this too. He sits down to do a linoleum block with no sketch, no research. Just raw. He makes figures, sometimes strange, sometimes very sensitive, but he just does them. When I sit down to work, I usually have done hours of research, collected images, wrote out ideas, made a story line, and if not all on paper, in my mind I have done all these things. I often wonder how it all works and try to figure it all out, but for now, I think I am letting that go. It just is what it is and who we are and I like it.

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