Saturday, April 21, 2012


(I have been away and the blogger interface has changed. Oh, I was confused for a moment. But everything is here, just a different place.)

So, I was in New York, or more specifically Long Island and Manhattan Island, that's it. One day the east end, one day the city and all in-between. I got to see family, friends and wonderful art, and the advent of spring, which you do not get to see in sunny Arizona. Well, it's just really different here.

While in Manhattan I did my routine visit to "the Met" (Metropolitan Museum of Art). There were several special exhibitions, all of which did not allow the taking of photography. So, much has to be relegated to my memory (and Jake's if he is willing to help me out), and to the website of the museum, where I can look up the exhibitions.

me (left) asking for directions to the special exhibits, but I am not sure who was more confused.

If you get a chance to go to the Met soon you must see "The Steins Collection" it will be there until June 3. There is an amazing assortment of art and photographs from the father's, Leo, down to Gertrude's and her brothers'. There were Matisse paintings that seemed so personal one could imagine him putting them down on paper or canvas and just giving them to the Steins. It was very inspirational.

And did you know that you can pay what you like at the Met? You just have to tell what you can afford to "donate" and you're in, what a wonderful way to make art available to all. Thank you.

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