Monday, February 6, 2012


"pigs is pigs" 6 x 4 inches, collage on paint swatch postcard

Why did I choose these elements? I don't know. Last night I wanted to begin with nothing but a random collection of things cut out. I have this little box that contains all the scraps that I made other work with. These were in the box. It doesn't make any sense. I am sending it to Shari, maybe she can give me an analysis.


  1. Makes perfect sense to me. I have been painting out of a 12in. square bowling ball case that(belonged to MY Dad). My mother's family were English (Wills)and father (from Sweden.My grandson has a Spanish ancestry, my stepson has a Hungarian mother, my daughter lives in the USA and has a child with an American of German descent...doesn't take much to see that everywhere is the wrong place if a couple can't find a place to call home in a turbulent world where so many people are without the basics of life as human beings. All
    peoples of the world seek a place to grow in peace and die with dignity. Juliet N.

  2. Thank you, Juliet. Yes, we do need that place for peace and comfort. Thank you for sharing your family's roots. I find people's histories so interesting.

    PS: Your bowling ball case must be pretty nice.