Sunday, January 22, 2012


"second right and left cuspids gold crowned" 3 x 3 inches, acrylic on photopaper. 

Part two: Large Gold Teeth

Roy Gardner (portrait above), notorious train robber, had determination not to be caught or kept captive. After his escape with Pyron he was spotted in Castle Rock according to the Oakland Tribune, June 14, 1922:

A stranger with large gold teeth entered a restaurant at Castle Rock and ordered food. While the meal was being prepared a man walked past the restaurant on the sidewalk looked in and passed on. A moment later he came by again and once more glanced in.

The stranger with the gold teeth left the food which had been brought him untouched and hurriedly left the restaurant.

Sheriff Hoggett and a posse were notified and at once set out in pursuit.

A few weeks later in Tacoma, Washington, a trial was taking place in the case of Lawardius Borgart and Evert Impyn, Camp Lewis recruits. Both were found guilty of the rape of Elinor Schauer a base hospital nurse. Their paths and fate were about to cross with Gardner's soon...

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