Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This piece was done for the Imagine Squirrels show in Miami, AZ, put together by Mudhead Reynolds. Which pays homage to the work of French novelist René Daumal and his unfinished work Mount Analogue. Excerpt:
While climbing, take note of all the difficulties along your path. During the descent, you will no longer see them, but you will know that they are there if you have observed carefully. There is an art to finding your way in the lower regions by the memory of what you have seen when you were higher up. When you can no longer see, you can at least still know. . .
Thought process... mountain climbing lead to Switzerland, that lead to yodeling songs... the russian stuff, well, that's a secret.

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  1. Love, love, love the excerpt from René Daumal from his unfinished work Mount Analogue. I'm stealing it for my own life's lessons, yet to be learned. Have a pair of the adult version of the "Mary Jane" shoe, and those saddle-shoes.....well what good Catholic school-going girl didn't have a pair? :) Where are those darling little girls now?

    Thank you.