Saturday, January 15, 2011


Vintage bottles, HO scale prisoners and guards, hand made skulls and bones along with some fake dirt compromise this series of Hart Island related work. In the 19th century two events took place in the city of New York. One was the creation of the city's largest potter's field, the other was the building of the Tombs.

Correction: for the record, this is not an exact representation of how the prisoners work or bury the dead on Hart Island. After an extensive talk with Melinda Hunt, I feel I must add this information and admit to my artistic license in this depiction. No disrespect was meant in the interpretation.

Buried on Hart Island September 1881
Henry Brock age 28
Cause of death: Heat Exhaustion at the 1st Precinct, Manhattan, NY
Henry Brock was born in NYC in 1853, son of Hessen immigrants.

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  1. Absolutely fabulous. Simple yet so powerful. But then again the most simple are, aren't they?