Monday, January 31, 2011


My friend Shari and I wanted to try making a button necklace, so we went shopping for some jewelry parts this morning. We did not have a lot of time, so we planned on getting together again to dabble in the project. In the meantime I couldn't wait to try my hand at it, so I made a pair of earrings. Now back to more serious stuff.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


untouched photo shoot for the header of the abad blog

Today I finished setting up the blog for the A Book About Death exhibition in Phoenix. It has been a few months in the planning with Matthew Rose the founder of this international art phenomenon. The show will display 6 x 4 inch art works and will also feature personal mementos (real or created) that will be sent in along with the post cards. View the call to artists and participate.

After taking part in several of the exhibits myself so far, it is exciting to be hosting one. The show will be featured at Willo North Gallery, thanks to the generosity of owner, Kristin Shears.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Vintage bottles, HO scale prisoners and guards, hand made skulls and bones along with some fake dirt compromise this series of Hart Island related work. In the 19th century two events took place in the city of New York. One was the creation of the city's largest potter's field, the other was the building of the Tombs.

Correction: for the record, this is not an exact representation of how the prisoners work or bury the dead on Hart Island. After an extensive talk with Melinda Hunt, I feel I must add this information and admit to my artistic license in this depiction. No disrespect was meant in the interpretation.

Buried on Hart Island September 1881
Henry Brock age 28
Cause of death: Heat Exhaustion at the 1st Precinct, Manhattan, NY
Henry Brock was born in NYC in 1853, son of Hessen immigrants.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A mere stroke of the awl, collage on paper, 6 x 4 inches

Our neighborhood book club decided to read Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain as the next selection. I know, really? That's what I thought. But, oh, what a great treasure trove of material there was to be found that inspired this piece.

As I researched the book, I found that the University of Virginia has a vast collection of Twain memorabilia. One particular piece really caught my eye. It was a story of how someone in the engraving plant "altered" the sales prospectus for Huckleberry Finn with a most indecent exposure.