Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have just met with a group of science women. They study the budget of phosphorus (P) in the city of Phoenix. Not a monetary budget, but the amount of P that comes into and flows out of the city. I was quite fascinated by the flow of this important element, and quite frankly in just a brief meeting learned a lot about how it works, why it is important and why it can also be harmful.

illustration by Jacob Sahertian for Sustainable Phosphorus Summit, SOLS, ASU

This is all because of a project that I have signed up for that is part of the Sustainable Phosphorus Summit, sponsored by School of Life Sciences (SOLS) at ASU. The goal: communicating ideas about phosphorus sustainability to a broader audience of non-scientists.

With the help of scientists Rebecca Hale, Elizabeth Cook and David Iwaniec I am sure I will meet the challenge.

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