Friday, September 10, 2010


Using the glue base was a good idea, they did keep standing and it made it easier to drop them into the bottle... more to come.
Buried on Hart Island November 1898
Robert Kirschner age 35
Cause of death: Illumination Gas at 206 Fifth Street, NYC, NY
Robert Kirschner arrived from Saxony, Germany on August 5, 1890 on the Eider. He came with his wife Laura and baby daughter, Helene. He killed himself on Nov. 22, 1898.

Correction: for the record, this is not an exact representation of how the prisoners work or bury the dead on Hart Island. After an extensive talk with Melinda Hunt, I feel I must add this information and admit to my artistic license in this depiction. No disrespect was meant in the interpretation.

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