Thursday, September 9, 2010


He Has Mental Habits
multiple gocco prints on wall paper in various sizes

Here is how it went, Mary told me about Frank Gelett Burgess, so I looked at a book he created using old wall paper, it inspired me to do some kind of print. I told my friends I was looking for old wall paper. They gave me some (actually a lot, thank you, Elizabeth and Robrt).* Elizabeth's paper had a Frank Lloyd Wright pattern with a signature. That made me think of this crazy set of handwriting analysis books that I have, which then led me to the chapter on forgeries from which the excerpt comes. After that I found a book about Frank Lloyd Wright in Japan and loved the form of the title characters.

Burgess wrote another story about a man who goes from rags to riches, (see previous post) which tells how a pauper was instructed to fill out every ad in the two-penny paper, after which he would in turn receive more free samples than he could ever possibly use. He then sold his free items to make his fortune.

Somehow this all ties together (in my mind) the cleverness which all parties represented in this multiple gocco print possess.

This all is topped off with the a seal of approval. More close ups on flickr.

*There was an earlier attempt at printing this idea using the YuDu machine with Jill. It was our first attempt and it was not successful. But we have not given up. Watch for more posts about the YuDu in the future.


  1. I do love this and the background story that goes with it! I'd love to see how the gocco print process works. Am clueless, and I'm a (somewhat former) printmaker!

  2. Barb, I'd be so happy to show you how it works.