Friday, July 30, 2010


Megan and Kyria at the art museum

My trip to Denver was filled with beautiful things to see. My family being the first. I took my granddaughter, Kyria, with me and we stayed at my daughter's (Megan) and son-in-law's (Chris) house for a few days.

Our beginning adventure was to the Denver Art Museum. It is a beautiful space and has some great works of art. It is now featuring the King Tut exhibition, which set Megan and Kyria on a hunt for Egyptian beads. What was even better was finding a kit to craft them ourselves and so we spent our evening very creatively. Kyria is an abstract artist in her own right and Megan, besides being an accomplished musician, is a jewelry maker. Here is a sample of our creations:

Part of the reason for the trip was the artists' reception at Abecedarian Gallery where IN THE TRENCHES, is now on display. It was a quiet evening, but made especially fun by a visit from my old Phoenix friends, Kelly and Ruth.

A trip to the mountains, making spaghetti and meat sauce with my daughter, a cooking demo at the library, a visit to the aquarium and a nice ride to Loveland to see friends, made those six days fly by.

Now I am home and back to work. Continuing with Kristin at Willo North Gallery, entering more art shows, creating and blogging.

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