Wednesday, June 2, 2010

EIRE 1845

potatoes were the sustenance of the Irish

With all the hustle getting the uac show together I almost missed a deadline. Projet d'art postal is a mail art project for 2010: its purpose is to illustrate a period of the history of your country or your region. The exhibition will take place in the Forum of Chauny from June 11 – June 19, Ecole Primaire, Caillouel-Crepigny (a small village in the north-east), France.

the blood of those that came before

Being a first generation American, it is often difficult to associate my identity with that of the United States, therefore the postcard depicts my blood connection (via the red wax) to my grandparent's country of origin and my father's nationality. The Great Hunger of the mid nineteenth century had a tremendous impact on the country and people of Eire. Using an image of a family whose child died of hunger, a cut-out line from the Catholic's St. Joseph's Sunday Missal and the ancient Ogham script which reads "An Gorta Mor" this postcard represents part of my story.

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  1. A classic and beautiful Patricia Sahertian piece. Blood, Irish immigrants, and hunger...all the makings of a wonderfully entrancing piece of art.