Tuesday, June 29, 2010


three bottles from the skin series

Sometimes the making of art is about changing your mind and trusting your instincts. At least that's how I am feeling today. As I started to work further on the "skin" series the original idea of making a statement about looks morphed into making a statement about captured fragments of time, memories and age. I also believe these bottles would make a good donation for auction at the uac Alzheimer's Benefit on July 2.

You can see a few more pieces on flickr.


  1. I just posted some of my trials and tribulations on making a stand/display for these pieces on flickr. You might find it amusing.

  2. One of my friends from uac, Jill, bid on and donated to the Alzheimer's Association for this piece. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed participating in the fundraiser and was so happy to have Robrt Pela there to read his work about his family, and all the other artists who so generously gave of their work and time.