Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Lilia Menconi, of Phoenix New Times, wrote a great follow up piece of the uac debut show on the blog at Jackalope Ranch.

Lilia particularly mentions the creative and intriguing work of Shari Bombeck "Visitors can expect to see small collages filled with nostalgic imagery -- like cuttings from sewing patterns, receipts, and fortune cookie fortunes."

the strap, linoleum block print on handmade paper, Jacob Sahertian

I am particularly happy about her comments on my husband's work as I think he is exceptionally talented. "Another notable series by Jacob Sahertian showed off visceral, sharp-edged block prints with simple subject matter. The crudely rendered figures are reminiscent of German Expressionist woodblock prints and are downright confrontational."

Menconi also mentions the amazingly fine detail of Todd's watercolors on antique playing cards "...the three foot-long string of medallion-like tiny portraits, rendered in a meticulous drawing style by Todd Daniel, will keep eyes busy for hours."

It was great to see all the featured artists names: JA Jure, Jill Lawrence, Shari Bombeck, Jacob Sahertian, Patricia Sahertian (that's me), Todd Daniel and Kristin Shears, in the article and links to their blogs or websites.

We are very proud of the show at Willo North Gallery, happy at the turnout and thankful that it was well received.

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