Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have this crazy fear of glass shards. It is an event if a glass breaks in our kitchen as I hysterically take out the vacuum, after making sure everyone has shoes on, and go over the area at least 10 times. Ok, I am compulsive.

That makes one of the perils of being an artist the framing of your artwork... as this involves glass. I recently ordered frames at a great discount and custom made, no complaints there, but they did come with glass. Out of the 25 odd frames I ordered about three or four had glass chips in the corners and one was actually broken.

Todd came over this morning as I was framing my Body of Evidence series. It was not pretty, as I worried about dropping shards every time I opened a new frame. He suggested using the box they came in to catch the falling pieces. Brilliant.

But I did vacuum the area again after he left.

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  1. Who started that old wives tale about a shard of glass making its way to your heart and instantly killing you? I just researched it, and the consensus is that the body only wants to work things out of itself, not in. So while a piece of glass may be uncomfortable in the skin, it doesn't seem to be life threatening. This public service announcement comes to you courtesy of the person who suggested using a box to catch broken glass.