Monday, May 3, 2010


With no real connection and no story to it, this canvas has been hanging about my studio for years. At first I wanted to emulate the work of Daniel Fauville (see inset) I had seen his work out in the Hamptons and loved the simplicity of them. So underneath (and you can still see the outline) there is a hut, painted in bold blue and red with a green background. It came out ridiculous as obviously I am not Fauville. Later on I thought I could revive it by adding swirls and texture and collaging on a map of Africa... writing out text and basically creating some mayhem on the canvas... that was OK for a while, but it felt like a decorative piece you might pick up at an import store. No, no, no... not what I wanted. Today, I was inspired to take up my brushes again and see what I could do to this African conglomeration. I think I finally like it.