Tuesday, May 11, 2010



There is a wonderful call for work coming from Barratt Galleries in Australia called the Hankie Project. Some amazing designs are already posted on their blog. The work is due at the end of May for a show in June. Since I posted Ma Grande Mere Est Morte, my aunt, Eileen (her daughter) wrote to tell me that my grandmother has been dead for 50 years now. That inspired me to create this piece for the Hankie Project. I wanted to show her descendants over this time and my feeling of emptiness: a little girl's first experience with death. Starting with my grandma, Rosena, there is a tag for each of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. A lot happens in 50 years.

fifty years, mixed media on a hankie


  1. Stunning! Obviously, the embroidered hair with the name tags is inspired, but the whole piece works so beautifully. I love the map transfer. What is the page of text from?

  2. Thank you, Todd. The page is pulled from the preface of James Joyce's Ulysses, reprinting the exoneration of the novel by the United States District Court on the charges of obscenity, 1933.

  3. This is gorgeous. I'm curious how you'll display this? I'll check out the Hanky Blog. Where in Australia is the Barratt Gallery? Mathew may be visiting Australia in a few weeks. Wouldn't it be amazing if he could see the show??!

  4. hi barb,
    thank you. i am leaving the display up to the gallery, they will be hanging many hankies, check out their blog, the work is amazing. here is the address: 5 bugden ave, alstonville NSW 2478 australia