Sunday, April 11, 2010


The Kalamazoo Book Arts Center has posted many of the books that were submitted for the current show The Illustrated Accordion April 2 – 30. Todd submitted his Royal Flush book, made from vintage playing cards with individual, original, miniature water colors of the face cards for all the suits. It is quite exquisite. Mary C. Leto sent her wonderful book Button Tales, Myths and Superstitions, on her own handmade paper with attached paper buttons of various sizes and colors juxtaposed on the names of the dead, pasted to gravestones. It is beautiful.

This week I worked on the companion piece in the Body of Evidence series. I still have to finish the cover, but the pages are complete, and I believe my skills at putting them together have improved. The process of making books is really enjoyable to me. There are so many steps to keep you interested: the narrative, the art, the paper, the assembly, the cover, etc. Stay tuned for more.


  1. I have to say, Patricia, that bookmaking is a wonderful fit for you, particularly the way that you involve yourself in every aspect of the process - the original paintings that become illustrative art, the printing and transfer techniques, the history of the stories you choose to tell, the attention to vintage detail - it all works so seamlessly. And look how beautiful this book looks. I'm impressed by and proud of you, all at once.

  2. i was going to attempt to say something along the same lines as todd but after his eloquent and perceptive comment i'll just say, "ditto." you're amazing pat!