Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"occupation" altered book, photographs and mixed media

Today is a day for regrouping, putting THE STUDIO - PS website together, cleaning up and staying in. Here is a piece of art that I used in the movie, CUT BACK: facing ageism. While I was looking for elements to use on the site, it was hidden in the old book drawer.

This stapler was a great find. Wanting to saddle stitch the books we made at the last uac meeting, and not wanting to actually sew the pages together, I opted to buy this adjustable stapler. You can stitch a book as wide as 12". Motivation to make more books.

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  1. The concept and design for the website is the hardest part. I keep thinking of concepts and then don't like them. Then I get frustrated and don't want to think about it anymore. Today I really spent a lot of time thinking and have sketched out the entire site. Jake is working on some of the html while I size out images and think of which links to include.