Thursday, March 25, 2010


"what oscar left behind" collage and mixed media on paper 5x6"

Shari and I wanted to find out what material made that kind of semi transparent, yet totally flat style you find on some collages. Fusible interfacing is the solution. A simple sewing accoutrement makes the subtle difference in overlaying the bird design.

We tried paper, tracing paper and other transfer methods. But we still could not get the edgy transparent yet opaque feel. After shopping at several fabric stores we were directed to a quilt shop, where we found an assortment of fusible interfacing. Some so thin (as in "he thought we wouldn't know"), that you print flopped on its paper backing, which gets removed after ironing and others thick and gluey (as in "what oscar left behind") that you print on the right side and iron-on face up.

Which brings me to this wonderful tool, a mini quilter's iron. It is incredible. Much more handy than the "transfer tool" and it has heat controls and a shut off switch. Very handy. It can do the iron-ons with ease, and it also is excellent for transfer techniques which require heat.


  1. It looks awesome; what will we do when this mystery is solved???

  2. i have no doubt that we will find another.

  3. You two are the craftiest sleuths ever. I'm working on a television adaptation of your latest mystery. I'm going to call it "Transfer, She Wrote." Or maybe "The Glued-on Girls."