Monday, March 1, 2010


On Sunday, Jake and I went to the office supply store to get a new printer. I wasn't sure if I wanted an ink-jet, to get nice high quality saturated images or a laser jet to get a more slick printed look. The salesman was really nice and showed us several models. I took some printout samples of each home and was going to see what I could do with transfers and such and to think about it. Then in the mail this morning I got a new toy.

I had ordered it online. It is just called transfer tool. And that is just what it does. Using a laser printout you take the heated end of the transfer tool and rub it on the back of the paper to paper transfer and there you have it (it actually burns the paper a bit, so you have to keep it moving like an iron, it will also melt anything below it, so be careful if you get one). I really liked the results so much.

Today we went back to buy the printer. I took my sample to show the guy at the office store. (He seemed interested in what we needed the printer for). We waited and waited for the same guy to be available, since we had an extensive conversation with him the day before. He knew we had a mac and our needs. But it was taking long and getting close to closing, and another really nice sales rep offered to help. We said we liked this particular laser printer, asked about all the specs, like dpi and networking, but we forgot to tell him we had a mac, and we embarrassingly forgot to look at the box ourselves.

While we were checking out, our original salesman became available. "Look at this transfer," I said excitedly. "Oh, that looks awful," he said. "No, no, it's supposed to look like that, you know, aged." He blushed and I felt slightly confused. But it didn't matter, soon I would be making lots and lots of transfers.

I was so happy.... rushed home to hook it up.... unpacked it, pulled out all the tabs, made room, cleaned the shelf... and plugged it in.... only to find out there are no printer drivers for the HP Color Laser 1215 for the mac.

We searched the internet for workarounds, but they seemed way too convoluted and we sadly packed it all back into the box.... to be continued tomorrow.

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