Thursday, March 11, 2010


front view opened

This is part one of two accordion books that will highlight and give clues to the hidden and then found objects from the heating grate that sat in Mary's backyard on Long Island for 30 years.

back view opened

The right hand pages contain small articles, evidence tags and photographs. Some of the techniques employed were heat transfers from laser prints, rubber stamps, sewing and pasting. The color was applied to the pages by using some dust from earthtone pastel chalks and rubbing it on with a cotton ball.

front cover

After intently thinking of the cover design, I decided on making it look like an evidence envelope. Jake brought me some inter-office specimens and I was on my way. Researching the internet uncovered some very interesting forensic science history, for instance, the drawings on the top flap were from a system of classification called Anthropometry or the Berillon System (devised by Alphonse Bertillon in 1882).

back cover

Jake suggested the coffee stain for the back cover and I liked the idea. Who wouldn't be drinking a cup of joe while filing through the evidence?

I am pleased with the way the book turned out (see all the pages) and will be sending it off to Kalamazoo shortly.

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  1. Awesome colors. I like how the colorful inside pages is wrapped up in an aged envelope as if there are still things with plenty of life in it waiting to be uncovered.