Thursday, February 25, 2010


close up, why francis died, photographic manipulation on paper with wax

A wonderful series of shows has been covering the globe. It is called A Book About Death. It started in New York, made its way to Brazil and now is getting ready to open in Wales. There is still a call for postcards: jpg submissions are due by March 16, they will be reviewed and then the selected postcards will appear in the show on April 27th. Sonja Benskin Mesher is coordinating the show at The Tabernacle, MOMA, Wales, Machylleth. You can also email her if you have further questions, she is very helpful.

This image above is a close up of my submission, a postcard about my dad, who died of colon cancer. I used the image of him on the day of his First Communion, when according to tradition it is the day a child can understand the concept of transubstantiation. Somehow this seems just as strange to me as normal cells turning into cancer.

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  1. After sending my jpg to The Tabernacle, MOMA I received an acceptance email. My postcard will be in the show in April. I am thrilled!