Thursday, February 25, 2010


close up, why francis died, photographic manipulation on paper with wax

A wonderful series of shows has been covering the globe. It is called A Book About Death. It started in New York, made its way to Brazil and now is getting ready to open in Wales. There is still a call for postcards: jpg submissions are due by March 16, they will be reviewed and then the selected postcards will appear in the show on April 27th. Sonja Benskin Mesher is coordinating the show at The Tabernacle, MOMA, Wales, Machylleth. You can also email her if you have further questions, she is very helpful.

This image above is a close up of my submission, a postcard about my dad, who died of colon cancer. I used the image of him on the day of his First Communion, when according to tradition it is the day a child can understand the concept of transubstantiation. Somehow this seems just as strange to me as normal cells turning into cancer.

Monday, February 22, 2010


This is the collage, mail-art postcard that I worked on for the first uac event. My theme was in regard to a NY Times article from July 25, 1903.

"Twin elephants were born yesterday to Big Liz, the only female elephant in Bostock's collection at Sea Beach Palace, Coney Island. One of the twins lived only a short time, but the other will probably survive."

"The twins were born between 4 and 4:30 pm in the stall which Big Liz regularly occupies. A wall of canvas was at once erected about them. The babies were directly named Shamrock III and Reliance. It was Reliance that died."

"The father of the babies is Jumbo II, whom Liz met at the Pan-American Exposition twenty -two months ago. It is said that Jumbo II is at the present time dying of blood poisoning in Cleveland, Ohio."

I was so moved by the story of the elephants I had to express it. As a child I went to Coney Island, I remember the wonderful rides, the smell of salty ocean air and the famous Nathan's hot dogs and orange soda.

After reading about the twins, I searched the internet for more articles and pictures of the elephants, Coney Island and Brooklyn. I used some old book paper as my printing medium and made the parts that I found look aged, then I used them to create the collage, all the while feeling nostalgic about New York.

I hope the others had as much fun planning their collages as I did. There were 8 artists attending and we had a great, creative afternoon together. Sharing ideas and getting feedback on projects is so helpful. Most of the time we are working in isolation. This was a perfect way to share and learn about each other and have a sense of community. I am looking forward to more exciting events in the future.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This week my friend, Mary C. Leto, and I received some great news. Our book, IN THE TRENCHES, Hart Island, New York, was accepted into a juried exhibition called Atlanta Mixed Media/Collage Exhibit. The opening reception is March 5th. It will be held at The Gallery at Paper Mill Village part of the Art School in Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Georgia. It makes us happy to have been selected as this is the debut for our piece of art which we worked long hours and traveled long distances to create.

We are very grateful for this opportunity.


Back in November we had our first meeting of "Story Book Artists", attended mostly by friends and fellow artists from our local historic neighborhoods. Now we have teamed up with Willo North Gallery and Kristin Shears, and have decided to expand the group and open it up to the downtown Phoenix community. We changed the name to Urban Artists Collective (uac) and created a blog and will complete a web site soon as well.

Through a series of workshops and presentations exploring a variety of media and ideas we hope, uac will bring a fresh, interactive experience to our community of established and emerging artists.

Our first event will be on February 20 and is called Express Yourself: The Art of Collage.