Saturday, January 16, 2010


oil pastel and colored pencils, 6 x 6 inches on canvas

Could this be a vital piece of the puzzle? When your friend calls you up one day to tell you she has uncovered hidden objects that are over 100 years old in an antique grate she had sitting in her yard for over 30 years, that in itself is amazing. But as Mary recounts the pieces she uncovered she saves the best and most mysterious for last, "and then a bottle of chloroform and a piece of fabric, stained in red, old and tattered."

This is the piece of fabric. It looks like it could have been from a man's shirt by the little bits of stitching that are apparent, but why is it in the grate with a bottle of chloroform? Could it have been used as an applicator for the potent drops?

The series is almost complete, view the painted items here and the original images here and let me know if you have any feeling about the domino mysteries.

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