Monday, January 4, 2010


15" x 12.5" x 3.25" IN THE TRENCHES, Hart Island, New York

Babies buried on September 29, 1881 Trench #68: Frank Roddy, Emil Luber, Ino Wagner, Joseph Keller, George Madigan, Herman Katz, child of CB Fletcher, Joseph Clifford, Francis Wildeman, William Rogers, Clarence Lanton, Sophia Ferram, Agnes Brown, Virginia Agnes, Harris Post, Matilda Billoka... April 20, 1896 Trench #210: Frederick Hill, m/c of Arthur and Mary Moueller, f/c of Charles and Anna Goldback, m/c of John and Mary Keebler, Arthur Henrick, m/c of Anna Collins, Emma Hoffman, f/c of Bridget Kenney, Wallace Douglas, John McCaffrey... December 6, 1898 Trench #232: Charles Dempson, m/c Raweschue, m/c Bruna, Arthur Smith, James Fellows, Annie Riokence, Joseph Smith, Robert Morgan, Rudolph Fig, m/c Reseheta, Daniel Garrigan, f/c Doherty, Lucy Davis, Joseph Kelm, Sheuyler Greggs, Domenico Shica, m/c Scott, Lucrizia Shica, m/c Jackson, f/c Shifilio, Mary Flemming...

"A man dies three times; once when he stops breathing, once when he is laid in the grave, and finally when he is forgotten."

~ Octavio Paz


  1. Our original posting of this video included some stock music, but I really wanted to have the feel of a sad, sad time that felt authentically 1800s. I called my daughter, Megan Kelley, and together we talked out how it should be. She came up with this wonderful short piece that captures the sorrow perfectly. Many thanks to her for helping us out on this video presentation.

  2. Hello Patricia,

    Thanks for contacting me. Took a look at your project...yes, you would have been interested to contribute to A Book About Death. The most recent installment was at MuBE in São Paulo, Brazil. That opened on Wednesday. See: Next will be Wales in the UK... Best, Matthew