Saturday, December 5, 2009


This was the last project of my Monday clay studio. The session is over and I have done all the things I set out to complete. This set of figures was made to place on my block wall. I see it from my kitchen window and thought it needed some friendly small sculptures. They are stoneware fired to cone 10 with only their faces glazed.

I did not set out to give them any specific action but just cut them from slabs and twisted and shaped them into place. Afterwards I gave them names. This one is the whisperer. You can see more on flickr.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


So today I worked on cover number two. My edition of IN THE TRENCHES, Hart Island, New York. All alone, without the aid of my trusted friend, I actually managed to make a book cover. Well, the paper on the spine is supposed to be reversed, and when I attached the palm paper, some of it shredded on the ends! But this is all about learning and letting go.

I did not photograph the process as my hands were gluey and it was all I could do to get everything pasted up. It is now sitting between sheets of waxed paper and pressed with all my art books on the floor of my studio (living room).

The first cover was made with a very pretty black paper, but it bled when we glued it. Here is the solution we came up with... add some rubber stamps and make it look like it happened purposefully. What do you think?

see more on flickr

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This exercise in recreating something from the past was well spent. It helped me understand the fragility of the clay as well as its strengths. The areas that I thought were most delicate, the slab triangle inside, held up, and an area where I attached one coil to another on the outer surface cracked. (There was some problem in the kiln this firing, as there were several pieces that cracked, most of them belonging to the professional facilitator). The glaze is fine.

When I saw the final piece it reminded me of a "Hershey's Kiss", minus the kiss. So that's its name.

I was never too attached to any part of this piece, so it was all fun.