Sunday, November 1, 2009


trench upon trench upon trench upon trench by Mary C. Leto

Mary has arrived from South Carolina and has brought her 16 pages. They are really just amazing. We spent the first day sorting all the pages out and arranging them in the best order, very happy with how well our designs complimented each other.

The next step was thinking about the binding. Because of the uneven edges and weight and texture of the paper we chose not to do a traditional spine, but instead have a sort of deconstructed book in which the pages are tied to a grid. We felt the strings act like a representation of the roots of trees, as well as, the roots of families, tied together yet separated.

Mary and I sewing the string to the grid after tieing it to the pages

Tomorrow we will make a cover. It is all very exciting. See more on flickr.

IN THE TRENCHES, Hart Island, New York

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