Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today was spent putting together an artist statement and bio. I gathered up info from my websites and blogs, along with looking at what some other artists do when they compose these kinds of writings. Like many of my artist friends and colleagues I am a shamefully negligent promoter of my own art.

Put someone else's product in my hands and I will have tons of ideas to help them promote themselves, make a website, blog, where to take it, who to call, how to brand... but for myself I seem to feel an enormous amount of shyness and cultural pressure to "not be such a show off." I am also struggling with where to start. Do you cold canvas galleries? Do you begin in your own backyard? Will you look better in a foreign country? Who really wants my work? Who is interested in this topic, style, media? There are so many things to think about.

Tomorrow I will be sending out two applications for submission of my work. I think I am on the right track.

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