Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Saw the exhibit called Nooks and Crannies yesterday at the Phoenix Public Library (Burton Barr) showing the paintings of Barbara Kemp Cowlin. They include a lot of familiar corners to us living here, the spaces from the Phoenix Art Museum. In her own words Barbara says "I paint inconspicuous places in public spaces. Although overlooked by most, these special places have an inner glow, a strange and ethereal quality that I am moved to express in my work. I am most inspired by spaces with an air of mystery, a sense that there is a story to be told. Turning a corner and seeing a vision that is as beautiful as it is unexpected takes my breath away. I want my viewers to experience this." (from her blog)
I was very moved by her work, so if you get a chance go see it. (open till Oct 22)


  1. I met Barbara at the library during First Friday. As we got there the library announcer periodically yelled out the minutes for the library closing but the gallery remained opened late. We talked about her work and some of the places where Barbara finds these interesting corners to shoot for painting later. I enjoyed her warm and sharing conversation. I hope you get to see her work.

  2. Wow, thank you Patricia. It was such a pleasure meeting you and Jacob last Friday night. I appreciate your appreciation of my work more than I can say. Thank you for your efforts to promote the show, too.

    I decided to take another look at your blog–and here was this nice posting!

    You are doing such interesting work, yourself. I love your collaboration.I'd like to be able to see the work in person, it looks like textures play a big part in what you're doing. Didn't realize until now that you are a film maker, too. Amazing!I need to do more exploring of your Other Stuff!