Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Each trench can contain 1000 bodies, so to indicate the numbers I stacked the cutout pages on top of one another and stamped a baby's head on the top of each. Using an old children's primer for the pages I thought that these children never had a chance to grow up, to go to school, to play, to learn to read....

There are hand written names of babies listed at the top of the page written one on top of the other as that is how they are buried and it is hard to know exactly where they are. (now these bones have been turned into the soil many times)

On this page I used rubber stamps, stencils, colored pencil, sharpie and staples.

When I was little my dad used to say that if you hit someone your hand would stick out of the grave. I used to believe it, I don't know why. I never saw a hand sticking out of the grave, and we lived near two large cemeteries in Brooklyn and Queens. We even walked through as a shortcut to get to the bus sometimes, but I just never thought about it... or maybe I believed no one ever hit anyone. I wrote on the page ever so faintly, "Why did he say that?" I was just imagining for this page tiny ghost hands reaching up. I would surely remember them then.

Using colored pencil and making trenches out of the backside of the stapled page I wanted to protect the edges and used crystal lacquer to seal them in.

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