Saturday, August 8, 2009


Last night we had another fine get together of art and eating. By fortunate coincidence my granddaughter happened to be here and she partakes in the event whole heartedly. Her oil pastel, a still life of corks, was amazing. At the end of the evening when we read our coffee fortunes she was instrumental in finding more imagery than we had imagined in each cup. My fellow prognosticator, Todd, was painting a beautiful miniature scene of Venice where he will be spending some time. Jake was quietly sketching, but the Yankee game playing in the background was a great distraction for him. (It lasted 5 hours and 33 minutes a total of 15 innings) The rest of us ignored it and worked on our projects. I wanted to continue with the "Domino Mystery" objects and so I chose my medium of oil pastels and colored pencils and started to transpose the tiny porcelain portrait on to a 4" x 4" canvas. In my head I am making up the story and so continues the gathering of evidence.....

Born in Ireland in 1801, in a small village on the west coast called Mulrany (Maoil Raithne, hill of ferns) on the Bay of Clew, where Irish is the predominate language, lived a young woman named Mary who was married to Cornelius Hart. Some of her children escaped the Great Hunger by securing passage to America. On the long voyage aboard the Arabella, leaving from Liverpool on May 14, 1846, her son, Patrick, carried her portrait with him. He never saw his poor mother again and so this little piece of clay was forever dear to his heart.

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