Sunday, July 26, 2009


After making the paper with Mary C. Leto in her Moon Tide Paper studio in South Carolina I was determined to come home and make all the pages for this book immediately. Well, that was at the end of April. Sometimes I get sidetracked by work, other times by other projects.

I am now focused on the book and have made some of the preliminary items: a bunch of gocco baby heads, some inkjet prints of names and some hand typed hang tags.

Then I created the first set of three page ones.

I love the texture of the paper and the rich color that we got from dying it with black walnut "ink" that we made ourselves. We also used a gelatin sizing. Mary and I are working separately in our studios on the pages, promising to make 8 sets each by August 12th (an arbitrary deadline).

This page has one "trench" that is machine stitched and contains a list of the dead from September 1881. On top of the list are hand stitched heads that I converted from photos from the 1800s, treated them in photoshop, made master copies and made gocco prints from those.

When I am working on them I think about their mothers...
Did they have little handmade baby clothes never to be worn?
How much did they miss their baby?
How did they grieve for them?
Did they even know where they were buried?

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